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Epilepsy Treatment: Medication, Surgery, Psychology

Epilepsy...? So What ? ! Klik
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Epilepsy...? So What ? !


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The main treatment will consist of medication, most of the time for

What follows is not an enumeration of all types of possible medication (cf.
Links for more information on medication). But their importance has to be

What is most annoying about epilepsy is that you might become forgetful and
confused. This also applies for the taking of the necessary medication. Every
epileptic should therefore get used to a certain regular pattern. 

Very useful to this end are the medication boxes. These small cases consist
of separate parts, for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and bedtime). You have the
possibility to prepare them for an entire week and use them day by day. What’s
more, you can have them on you and use them unnoticed. They can be obtained at
any pharmacy. 

Fatigue might also be a problem. Some medication might encourage tiredness.
This might get in the way of your daily activities (work, social and sporting
activities). The degree of influence is very individual. One person might be
more resistant to a kind of drug than another. Before taking any medication,
don’t forget to read the instructions for use. 

Read the instructions. This rule also applies before use of other medication
(for headaches, e.g.). Some medications, like Tegretol, don’t have a good
interaction with Codeine, which might be used in combination with Dafalgan. It
is advised to contact your neurologist/family doctor in case of any side


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Sometimes surgery is possible, but this is very unlikely the case for


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Epilepsy So What
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