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Help Epilepsy So What!

Help us spark a conversation around Epilepsy. This can be done in lots of ways. Find the way that suits your best and give us a shout when you are done!

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Use our hashtags on social media and help to spark a conversation around Epilepsy.   

Submit a post

We welcome written posts in 4 languages with more to be added soon.

Just write down what you would like to say and submit at the links below for a chance to be featured. 

As a guide we are happy to post any article so long as it has a link to Epilepsy.

We normally review and add posts in around 48 hours.

To submit an English Language posts:  English Epilepsy Post

To submit a Dutch Language posts:  Dutch Epilepsy Post

To submit a French Language posts:  French Epilepsy Post

To submit a Welsh Language posts:  Welsh Epilepsy Post

Buy something to help to secure our future

We are not a charity and receive no funding. Everything you see has been created by volunteers in their spare time.

We believe in complete transparency and welcome any help which can allow us to spark a conversation around Epilepsy. 

The following items are what we need to keep this website fully online and updated over the next 12 months:

12 months prepaid Website Hosting – £122.42

12 months prepaid Domain Registration – £12.45

1 month prepaid 80gb data plan – £20.00 

New updated WordPress Themes and licence key – £54.00

Upload your video to our Youtube, Vimeo or Social Media Channels

Have you got a video you would like us to upload. Just send us the link and we will be in contact.

Give Us a quick Review or even a detailed one!

Visit any article or post on our site and leave an honest review. The more detailed the better. This really does help us to reach more and more people.

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